Web designer and developer : A beginner’s guide

web design and developer

 Web designer and Developer: Today’s topic-web design and web development.We know a lot about graphics design.But few people know well about web design and web development. (Especially newbies) Let’s try to know more about web design and development.

Web design

Web design is the external structure of a web page.Usually the main job of a web designer will be to create templates for a website. Whether you work as a blogger or wordpress, why not? The job of a web designer is to create the template you use for your site.web design basics


Many web languages ​​are used to design a web page.HTML.CSS such as markup web language. Here the page has no dynamic features like sign up, pagination or save to database. Because these jobs are mainly for web developer (not web designers).

Web design language

If you want to be a web designer. So first you need to know web design language. Otherwise it is never possible for you to create a good quality web design. All the languages ​​you need to know in web design. such as

  • Javascript(Basic)
  • Jquery
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

Web design needs.

Nowadays, the number of working on blogger or WordPress is increasing day by day with 5G speed. We create blogs or word press sites on various topics. And use the template to match the topics, and write there and post it. Such as news,online income, business, technology etc.web design agency


In that sense,it can be said that there is a considerable demand for web design.Usually bloggers or wordpress users look for mobile friendly templates with less loading time.So web designers should pay attention to these issues.There is also a considerable demand for web designs in online freelancing marketplaces.There are constantly jobs in the web design category.web design hourly rate

How to sell web pages?

 If you are a good web designer.Then you can earn by selling your created web page and participating in contests.For example –

1. Sell ​​to Website > You can sell your designed web page on this website.themeforest.net.

2. With your own website > you can sell your designed web pages directly to template buyers.web design company

3. Participating in Contests> You can also earn by participating in Contests web site 99designs.com.

Web development

Web development is creating applications for a website. Like Facebook,YouTube,Twitter etc.So a web developer creates applications for these websites.web developer or software developer

All the languages ​​you need to know for web development

For web development you must know web languages. Otherwise it may be difficult for you to create any web application. Languages ​​used for web development.such as –

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • PHP

It is better to learn more side by side.These are CMS (Content management system ) such as

Web Developer Needed.

Web development is in great demand in online market places. In these mockup places, many jobs are constantly coming in the category of web development. And you can submit your premium application on some web sites. If it sells you will get commission.websitethemeforest.netweb developer entry level jobs

Web Programming

Its field is quite large.If you can learn web programming very well.Then you will get the opportunity to work in online marketplaces such as –

How to learn web programming

If you have a lot of interest in learning web programming. web programmer of the websites.Then there are many ways for you. such as –w3school.com


Apart from this there are some other sites where you can practice.such as –

  • 1st webdesigner
  • Tutsplus
  • RRFoundation

Basically, you need enough interest and dedication to learn these jobs. And you need to be proficient in web language.If necessary you can do online or offline jobs to learn these jobs

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