How to make money on youtube: 5 best ways

make money on youtube

Make money on youtube: We almost all use YouTube.It has been running since 2005.It is up to you to decide whether to limit it to your entertainment or take it as your source of income.If you want to be a source of income then this post is for you.

Many of us do not understand how we can make money from youtube channel. Although we know, we keep it in the know. Because we can’t make money from here, because we don’t have proper guidelines. So most people use YouTube as their only entertainment.This article is for those who are interested in making money from youtube.Let’s see how to make money from YouTube.

1. Monetize YouTube with Google Adsense

Many people may have heard the name Google AdSense.And you may also know that a good amount of income can be earned from here. So you upload your own videos to your YouTube channel.And apply for Google AdSense.

If your YouTube channel is approved by Google AdSense.You can earn your viewers to click on ads while watching videos uploaded to your YouTube channel. And depending on the amount of revenue you have, the number of times an ad is clicked.make money from ads on youtube

2. Make money by promoting and selling your products

If you have a fashion house, your YouTube channel can be the most important way to market your product. And it will be easy to market your product without any hassle. We noticed that most of the buyers now like to search about the product on earnings

3. Earn money by reviewing affiliate products

You must have heard the names of these sites, Amazon, ebay. Many people affiliate their products on these sites. You could call it another popular way to use YouTube.make money from youtube live streaming

All you have to do now is to provide a review of the product in the video with the description of the affiliate link video of these e-commerce sites. Then if someone buys a product through the link provided by you, you can get commission.

4. Earn money by selling links


You can easily earn from here. Suppose you have a video at the beginning of your channel on any topic. Now you can sell the link on one time or long term basis to those who have this type of product. That link will be in the description of your video.You can start selling links in this way by doing SEO in a few videos.

how to make money from youtube fast

5. Make Money as a YouTube Partner


No wonder, You can be a part of YouTube if you want. There are 15,000+ Patna worldwide. Find out how the partners make money. The partners display video overlay ads on a rental basis.And share the revenue with YouTube.

They are also often hired as video marketers. Again, it is often seen that you can earn money by making a special video for a brand. All in all, it is possible to earn a good amount of money by becoming a partner of family


Conclusion: No task is easy, it has to be made easy. You have to understand that first, and at the same time you have to have a work ethic and your videos must be quality. But you can expect a good amount of revenue from YouTube.

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